So if it has high stamina, chances are it will hit you a lot of times causing the bleeding effect to be extremely effective and brutal. The best way to take down a Deinonychus is to use a long ranged weapon such as a crossbow or rifle. Archived post. ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Please see the. They will protect their nests against any who dare to trespass. If you want to stay hidden, check out this small cave. This small cave is great for solos who need resources. These values may differ with what you see in-game or written elsewhere. This information can be used to alter the Aberrant Deinonychus's regions by entering cheat SetTargetDinoColor in the cheat console. Valguero is also the first map to have an underground ocean, known as. ), lay eggs and all that jazz. Creatures in the underground area are sparse at best however you should still be able to find most of them in a timely manner. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Location. I was wondering how do i get griffins in my nitrado valguero server. Copyright 2022 Studio Wildcard. . The Unknown is an Aberration-themed region located in the underground of Valguero. So it sort of balances its self out. and our This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="Val_DinoSpawnEntriesWyvernTrench_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="LWyvern (SE)",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Wyvern_Character_BP_Lightning_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) Now all my stegos are useless I need aberrant ones , plus new ankys and spinos . Ark: Survival Evolved [Master Zoologist E94] - YouTube 0:00 / 29:03 Intro NO CREATURES SPAWNING IN THE ABERRANT ZONE ON VALGUERO! Adding Griffins to Valguero so I was on a server and saw that there were griffins on valguero. A little variance isn't a bad thing. Go to the Spider cave if you're looking for Artifacts. Season 2 - the ARK: Survival Evolved Playlist! http://www.sl1pg8r.comServer Hosting - - 20% off any game server for the first monthIntro Music by: \u0026 Stream S18: At the same time, press L1, R1, SQUARE and TRIANGLE on the controller. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries_Valguero_Scotland_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="GasBags",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("GasBags_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="LanternBird",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("LanternBird_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptPtera",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="GasBags_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="LanternBird_Character_BP_Aberrant_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) Upon arriving to The Unknown, a player with a mount will receive the effects of radiation sickness. Thank you for the mod! Similar to the Wyvern and Rock Drake, a fertilized Deinonychus Egg must be stolen from a nest or bred, and hatched to obtain a tamed Deinonychus. Contents 1 The Grand Map 1.1 Overview 1.2 New Resources 1.3 New Features 1.4 New Creatures 1.5 Unique Environmental Features 1.6 Regions 1.7 Approximate Spawn Locations 1.8 Data Maps 2 Creatures 2.1 Unique Creatures 2.2 Other Spawns 2.2.1 Aberrant Creatures But so far ive had no success i know people have done it on other maps so it must be possible as well on this. Taming Epic. Having all of the high end mounts from the other expansions would totally kill them the same way. A little variance isn't a bad thing. Upon arriving to The Unknown, a player with a mount will receive the effects of radiation sickness. Below, we'll reveal some great. Ark Aberration Creature IDs List Type dino's name or spawn code into the search bar to search 82 creatures. There are also two variations of the Rock Elemental, the Chalk Golem (in The White Cliffs) and the Ice Golem (in the snow desert). Red Obelisk Cave (82, 25): This is a smaller cave that may be better suited for solo players or those looking for a quick place to set up shop. This section describes how to fight against the Deinonychus. feel free to use mine ensure to dino wipe and make sure to wait the 5 min before adusting anthing on your server, hey could you please help with my code also, ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="VAL_DinoSpawnEntries_TwitchFertileLand_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Gacha (EX)",EntryWeight=0.01,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gacha_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Gacha_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.01))) Observe familiar ARK creatures in a vast environment and meet Deinonychus, the newest ARK feathered theropod found only in Valguero. Unlike other dino's that have multiple uses, the Diplocaulus on the other hand can only do a specific task but do that task very well as not all creatures can . I don't want any flyers on my AB, Removing specific dinos isnt working, specifically Terrorbirds. Temple Cave (44, 84): This is the second Artifact Cave you'll need to make your way through if beating the boss is your goal. Using a Trike with a decent amount of HP can easilly kill a pack or two at once. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. Two (2) Unfinished outposts / base for Sale on Valguero Resources Ark XBOX PVE. There seems to be a bug on console where only spawns from the emerald forest exist in the unknown, and the region name is still the emerald forest. admincheat summon Deinonychus_Character_BP_Aberrant_C, admincheat SpawnDino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ChasmAdditionalDinos/AberrantDeino/Deinonychus_Character_BP_Aberrant.Deinonychus_Character_BP_Aberrant'" 500 0 0 35. Copyright 2022 Studio Wildcard. I had no idea going in that the Night Wyvern could dive. Not only is the open area great for breeding, but there's also an underwater cave inside this cave, making it perfect for aquatic tames. The player is advised to wear a full radiation suit and is highly advised to tame a creature immune to the effects of this area. 1.34M subscribers 79K views 3 years ago NEW ARK: Valguero Gameplay w/ Sl1pg8r! ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="Val_DinoSpawnEntries_DrakeTrench_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Featherlight (AB)",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("LanternBird_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="LanternBird_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))). Black Teenager Shot in Kansas City, Missouri. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I've seen them by fertile lake 3 just before the pre radioactive zone. They are very strong and hard to kill in packs. This time we're going in with some new friends!Loo. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries_Valguero_IceDesert_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Snow Owl (EX)",EntryWeight=0.04,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Owl_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Owl_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.05))) They probably realized it was a mistake after Ragnarok's release because now no one plays SE, literally the only reason to be on that map is for the phoenix. ButtMan - Map Owner, WM Landscape, Level design, Blueprinting, Optimisations, Bugfixes, Nekatus - Level design, Optimisations, Bugfixes, Community Management, Trappel22 - Level design for the Aberration part, Evolanca - Hosting Test servers, Original Website Portfolio, Texturing, Minimap. Now im kind of glad that theres not all the dinos in abberation. is adjusted the spawning a little bit because you had the griffons so it spawned like a hundred griffins feel free to edit it. By Free shipping. Creatures Capabilities Headshots & Modifiers Stats XP Per Kill. Like others mentioned, ab spinos are definitely best for the rad zone. This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Epic Games, Stadia. 275.32- Aberration Dinos can now be properly downloaded on ARKs other than Aberration. Ontop of that, it adds a chance for fertilized Rock Drake eggs to spawn on dead Rock Drakes. Enter a spawn command from the list below into the command field and then hit the ADMIN COMMAND button. Had some fun going around Ab to collect some of these dinos, too. Never thinked about that That sucks yes Maybe there will be a new item which remplace it ? All additional dinos have the Aberrant health reduction and damage increase, as well as the snazzy glowy light effects t. Additional Creatures 2: Paranoia! Valve Corporation. Valguero is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved. That should help you understand the intricacies of Valguero as you explore the map. The colored squares shown underneath each region's description are the colors that the Aberrant Deinonychus will randomly spawn with to provide an overall range of its natural color scheme. All items from the base game, and most items from Scorched Earth and Aberration are available on Valguero. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries_ChalkHills_Golem_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Griffin (RAG)",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Griffin_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Griffin_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) The Aberrant Deinonychus has razor sharp claws useful for climbing and attack. There is also an underground biome called the aberration trench cave. This enchanting spot, found at coordinates 46.5, 86.9, is ideal for PvE players due to its picturesque surroundings and serene atmosphere. Moreover, the pack leader can temporarily vocalize to trigger a 45 second pack buff for all other Deinonychus (level Melee Damage and Health . Instead, a large lake is present. Cookie Notice . While latched onto a large Creature, it can mostly only attack the said creature until it releases itself out, making it extremely vulnerable to any attacks from other Creatures or ranged weapons. Tame all the Stuff and Things! Paste a spawn command from the list below into the console and press the ENTER key on your keyboard. On Monday, members of the House Judiciary Committee met in New York for a hearing on violent crime in the city. Taming Epic Dinosaurs, New Updates, and Funny Moments! Once you get inside there's lots of space, but you'll need to be careful about ensuring those pathways are thoroughly guarded. Roos are absolutely the best tame for the green zone. The following creatures can get pinned down by Deinonychus: Climber - Using its sickle-shaped claws, the Deinonychus can climb most surfaces, making it a versatile mount. Click the copy button to copy the admin spawn command to your clipboard. The Aberrant Diplocaulus can be found in the Aberration and Valguero maps. And thats why they never should have nerfed mutton efficiency, since Ovis are on the map. Below, we'll reveal some great cave locations for base building and provide a full list of Dinos you might encounter. (NPCClassString="LanternBird_Character_BP_Aberrant_C . On PC, these spawn commands can only be executed by players who have first authenticated themselves with the enablecheats command. Valguero is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved . I don't have coordinates handy, but on the northern branch of the lake, west side about 2/3-3/4 of the way north, you'll find a cave entrance near the lake shore. So that's good news . NO CREATURES SPAWNING IN THE ABERRANT ZONE ON VALGUERO! Type in values of a wild creature to see on which stats it's emphasized. Under Castle Cave (37, 90): There's a massive breeding cave in this area with plenty of water. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Polycount page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's reddit page, Enter the full URL to your item or group's Sketchfab page, This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. so only long long long prime or regular fish meat tames if you wan a baryonx. This exactly I'm not one to waste many hours taming something for crappy efficiency. With new biomes, a formidable dungeon boss and mysterious ruins to discover, there is always something exciting - and dangerous - in Valguero. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. I dont think ive seen an aberrant anky to be fair do they exist? Powered by Invision Community. The aberrant versions like the same kibbles that the regular ones do. While latched they can still get hit by attacks from the one they are riding. The Aberrant Deinonychus is fiercely territorial in the wild. ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It is advised to take powerful mounts, that are immune to radiation (e.g. I LOVE it. Subscribe - - - - OR! That is trash. Hover your cursor over a color to display its name and ID. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesTundra_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Velona (EX)",EntryWeight=0.05,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Spindles_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Spindles_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.05))) It's Not the Role of Government to Protect Us From Apps, Don't Put Tiktok Out of Business Based on Hypotheticals, Biden Admin Uses Trump's Own Words to Blast McCarthy's Wall St. Also, check out the upcoming ARK: Genesis on Steam!Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. $45.00. There is a vast section of the underground that is not irradiated however once you enter the irradiated area you will begin to suffer the effects. Hunting/Battle Pack - In a pack of 3 or more, the pack leader will receive a pack bonus. These two variants are identical to the Rock Elemental in every way except for their appearance. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="VAL_DinoSpawnEntries_TwitchFertileLand_Mix_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Gacha (EX)",EntryWeight=0.01,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gacha_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Gacha_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.01))) ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntries_Valguero_SnowForest_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="snowSpawner", EntryWeight=0.10, NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Owl_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Owl_Character_BP_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.01))) By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Tell us in the comments section! A wild Deinonychus cannot be tamed due to its wild nature of killing survivors through its natural instinct. One question, do queen bees spawn in their hives as usual? Hunting/Battle Pack - In a pack of 3 or more, the pack leader will receive a pack bonus. All rights reserved. how do i remove creatures do i just delete the folder for the mob in the mod folder? Thegeekgroundhog, December 14, 2017 in General. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, This article is about content exclusive to the. supernoodle, July 27, 2019 in Dedicated Server Discussions, Putting Extinction and Ragnarok dinos into Valguero, Hi ive just got a server recently from Nitrado and Ive been trying to implement dinos from other maps to spawn on Valguero. It glows at night. The incubation temperature is between 176 and 194 degrees fahrenheit , or 80 to 90 degrees celsius. By Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate and escape! SUBSCRIBE! If you bring a large mount, beware that they can latch onto it, therefore using large creatures such as Brontosaurus, Rex, Spino, or Mammoth, is a weakness. If you follow the wall around on your right, you'll come to the entrance to the radiation area pretty quickly . What I'm wondering is are we supposed to be able to bring aberrant dinos out of Aberration? Copyright 2022 Studio Wildcard. Moreover, the pack leader can temporarily vocalize to trigger a 45 second pack buff for all other Deinonychus (level Melee Damage and Health to all Deinonychus, and Stamina, Weight, Melee Damage, and Health to the one ridden). But a decent flyer is your best bet when it comes to escaping. To enter you will have to go down to The Emerald Forest first. Enter the full URL of your item or group's Facebook page, Enter the full URL of your item or group's Twitter page. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesDamiensAtoll_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="CorruptPtera",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptTrike",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Trike_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptStego",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Stego_Character_BP_Corrupt_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Trike_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Stego_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02))) EXTRA 5% OFF WITH CODE ARKSPRINGSAVING See all eligible items . The surrounding area is full of great resources too. ARK: Survival Evolved has migrated the Valguero mod map to official servers. You need to stay in the area for a bit then they would start spawning. They were a large prehistoric genus of turtle that lived during the Paleocene epoch in foggy swamps of Colombia, South America just a few million years after the Cretaceous Extinction. Aberration Zone Cave (38, 57): If you're hunting for Aberration creatures, this is where you'll find them. Yet again everyones breeding programe is ruined. 1Adults cannot be tamed, but Wild Eggs can be hatched., Go here if you're looking for Aberration creatures. Now has anyone tried breeding them with "normal" dinos? If you're looking for the best spots for base building, here are a few hidden cave locations worth checking out. It really helps me out! What are your thoughts on Valguero so far? ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="Val_FireWyvernEntries_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="Corrupt",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_Corrupt_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Wyvern_Character_BP_Fire_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) Putting Extinction and Ragnarok dinos into Valguero Hi ive just got a server recently from Nitrado and Ive been trying to implement dinos from other maps to spawn on Valguero. For more information, please see our Season 1 - the ARK: Survival Evolved Playlist! This site is not affiliated with Ark: Survival Evolved or Wildcard Properties, LLC. The Unknown is an Aberration -themed region located in the underground of Valguero. All 187 New 12 Popular 13 The Island 111 The Center 106 Scorched Earth 57 Ragnarok 115 Aberration 59 Extinction 103 Genesis 117 Crystal Isles 123 Genesis Part 2 133 Lost Island 131 Fjordur 147 New To Scorched Earth 11 New To Aberration 15 New To Extinction 13 . How are we supposed to tame high level dimos who's Kibble dino is not on Abberation then? But clearly these things are not good for tanking. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Make sure to steal the egg and then QUICKLY escape because the Deinonychus can pounce on you which can pose a great threat as it gives time for the rest of the pack to arrive. Basically, it adds rock drakes, and other things, to the Drake Trench in Valguero. Here's the full list of possible Dinos and creatures that can spawn on Valguero. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesGrassland_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="GasBags",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("GasBags_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="LanternBird",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("LanternBird_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptPtera",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptTrike",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Trike_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptRaptor",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Raptor_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptRex",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Rex_Character_BP_Corrupt_C")),(AnEntryName="CorruptCarno",Entryweight=0.02,NPCstoSpawnStrings=("Carno_Character_BP_Corrupt_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="GasBags_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="LanternBird_Character_BP_Aberrant_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Ptero_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Trike_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Raptor_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Rex_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="Carno_Character_BP_Corrupt_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumtoAllow=0.02))) ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="Val_DinoSpawnEntriesWyvernTrench_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="PWyvern (SE)",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="Wyvern_Character_BP_Poison_C", MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Diplocaulus can be usually found in shallow waters in the swamp areas hunting small fish. (like the herb have plant species Z). Well, for offense sure. Is it a .ini code and does anybody know what it is? If you are stealing eggs, then you definitely need to be prepared with a good mount because there is most likely going to be a pack of Deinonychus. Add Aberrant Amargasaurus, Aberrant Sinomacrops, Aberrant Dinopithecus and Aberrant Desmodus. Wyvern Trenches (07, 77): To find a Wyvern, head northeast. So, do aberrant dinos have special abilities/differentstats than vanilla dinos or they are just special because they"glow" in the dark ? Ark:. Type dino's name or spawn code into the search bar to search 82 creatures. For demonstration, the regions below are colored red over an albino Aberrant Deinonychus. The Aberrant Deino cannot latch on dinos but does a double bleed attack instead making it an effective golem killer. Season 4 - your friends and share Peeps! Similar to the Wyvern and Rock Drake, a typical player would need to be cautious as Deinonychus are territorial, and are not welcome to survivors, especially not the ones stealing their eggs. 3 yr. ago. Also, do remember they have a bleed effect on whatever they leap onto because they can cause you to lose up to 1.6-1.7% of your health every second, but that is not very accurate because the damage margin depends on the amount of bites it hits you with, and how long it stays on you. Sucks for pure harvesters as u can probably get more yield using a aberrant dino but overall i don't see aberrant stegos replacing regular stegos for bullet soaking. 2 Replacing / Removing Dino Spawns 3 Removing Tek Dinosaurs 4 Adding Dinos to Maps 4.1 Adding Griffins to the Island 4.2 Hermit's Example - Aberration Dinos on Ragnarok 4.3 Adding Dinos to Valguero 4.4 Adding Dinos to The Center 4.5 Spawn Maps and Other Info 5 Destroy Wild Dinos Changing Spawn Rates ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Its just two simple lines of code you slap in your Game.ini file on your Ark Server. Its suggested to use a flyer so youll be safe. Valguero Creatures. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with ARK: Survival Evolved. ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="VAL_DinoSpawnEntries_TwitchFertileLand_Mix_C",NPCSpawnEntries=((AnEntryName="LanternBirdSpawner",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("LanternBird_Character_BP_C")),(AnEntryName="LanternGoatMount",EntryWeight=0.02,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("LanternGoat_Character_BP_C"))),NPCSpawnLimits=((NPCClassString="LanternBird_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02),(NPCClassString="LanternGoat_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.02))) capresso ultima 121 parts, samsung activewash superspeed smartcare vrt troubleshooting,

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